In partnership with CU24, Dolphin Debit Access introduces EasyATM – a new ATM management solution to help credit unions eliminate capital costs, reduce operating expenses and relieve the burden of regulatory compliance. With EasyATM, credit unions can consolidate multiple vendor relationships into a single, flexible, and cost-effective solution.

“This new offering from CU24 is a perfect fit for our small to midsize credit unions,” said Mansel Guerry, CU24 CEO. “ATMs are still critical to meeting member needs, and can be an important part of a credit union’s success. EasyATM takes the hassle out of ATM management, and offers a very cost-effective solution. It’s just the kind of service CU24 is here to provide.”

“CU24 is pleased to be working with the people at Dolphin Debit,” said Kim Cromer, CU24 Strategic Alliance Coordinator. “EasyATM is a terrific program that can be custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual credit union. With EasyATM we can do as much or as little as the credit union needs.”

EasyATM offers complete and comprehensive ATM management services: ATM driving, first, and second line ATM maintenance, emergency dispatch, cash management, communications, monitoring, armored delivery, and settlement. Annual reviews ensure compliance with all local, state and federal laws, as well as regulatory and security compliance for ADA, PCI, EMV, and Regulation E. Compliance upgrades are provided at no additional expense, and takes the worry out of “what’s coming?” and “how much will it cost?”

EasyATM can buy new equipment for a credit union’s ATM program – including expansion of SEG locations – or assume current equipment; whatever suits the credit unions needs and objectives.

“CU24 is a great partner,” said Dolphin Debit Executive Vice President Gary Walston, “and we’re glad to be able to take this highly flexible solution to the credit union community. We reduce the cost, eliminate the hassle, and still maintain the credit union’s ATM presence.”

These days, consumers may take ATMs for granted,” said Guerry, “however, CU24 understands that owning and operating an ATM network isn’t always easy. With EasyATM, it can be.”

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CU24 is a credit union-owned cooperative that provides a range of EFT and payment related services targeted to small and midsized credit unions. CU24 operates the largest credit union-owned POS network in the nation, and provides access to the largest network of surcharge-free ATMs. CU24 is committed to providing expertise and services to help credit unions compete and improve their members’ lives.

Dolphin Debit Access is the leading provider of turnkey ATM services to credit unions. Dolphin Debit’s singular focus on ATM ownership and management eliminates the cost of unexpected compliance upgrades and significantly reduces ATM operating expenses. Dolphin’s team of ATM experts serve as an extension of a credit union’s staff, providing the level of support desired by the credit union. Dolphin Debit works with credit unions of all sizes, operating ATMs at branches and SEG locations to enhance the member experience with convenient access to their cash.