How ATM Outsourcing Works

Dolphin Debit offers ATM network management services that help reduce capital costs, control operating expenses and relieve the burden of regulatory compliance. Watch our video to find out how Dolphin Debit and ATM outsourcing can work for you.

Our Services
Cash Management

Avoid cash outages and surpluses with cash forecasting, cash ordering, armored carrier scheduling and ongoing cash balance monitoring.

Hardware and Software

Whether you decide to lease or own, Dolphin Debit helps find the right equipment to suit your needs. And we keep your ATM network running smoothly with the latest software, firmware and regulatory compliance updates.

Maintenance and Service

Maximize uptime with regular maintenance, monitored diagnostics, on-site technical support, annual safety audits, regular compliance inspections and general ATM upkeep.

ATM Monitoring

Protect your ATMs with services such as 360° monitoring, direct terminal communication for remote resolution, switch-related error notification and real-time transaction monitoring.


Dolphin Debit offers services tailored specifically to your ATM management needs. Contact us today to find out how ATM management from Dolphin Debit can make your network more efficient and cost effective.


From site contracts and lease negotiations to equipment insurance and maintenance, Dolphin Debit makes sure every ATM in your network is well maintained, stocked and up-to-date.

Terminal Driving

Dolphin Debit offers technical assistance across multiple processing platforms—from host communication and network connectivity to transaction processing and resolution of Regulation E disputes.

Types of ATMs

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing ATM management to Dolphin Debit not only saves time and money, it leaves you free to focus on running your business and keeping customers satisfied. With Dolphin Debit as your one point of contact and accountability, you’ll never have to worry about your equipment being out of date or out of cash.

Frequently Asked Questions