Outsourcing ATM management not only saves time and money, it leaves you free to focus on running your business and keeping customers satisfied. With one point of contact and accountability, you’ll never have to worry about your equipment being out of date or out of cash.

Galen Wilhoit, chief financial officer at River Region Credit Union, shared about his positive experience with Dolphin Debit.

“Their responsive customer support and quality ATM management keep things running smoothly. We started with three ATMs outsourced and quickly added more,” he said. “We are exploring even more opportunities with Dolphin Debit. It has been a very beneficial solution.”

Dolphin Debit details some perks of outsourcing your ATMs to them: 

  • Elimination of current and future capital ATM expenses. 
    Dolphin Debit will purchase your existing fleet of ATMs or purchase new ATMs for you. They also keep your ATMs running smoothly with the latest software, firmware and patches.
  • No cost compliance upgrades.
    Dolphin Debit will be responsible for the cost and implementation of all future compliance and regulatory concerns.
  • Streamlined ATM operating expenses.
    Maximize uptime with regular maintenance, monitored diagnostics, on-site technical support, annual safety audits, regular compliance inspections and general ATM upkeep.
  • Consolidated ATM vendors to one point of accountability.
    Dolphin Debit delivers terminal driving across multiple processing platforms—from host communication and network connectivity to transaction processing and assistance with Regulation E disputes.
  • No headache and hassle of ATM operations.
    Avoid cash outages and surpluses with cash forecasting, cash ordering, armored carrier provision and ongoing cash balance monitoring.
  • No out of scope charges.
    Protect your ATMs with services such as 360° monitoring, direct terminal communication for remote resolution, switch-related error notification and real-time transaction monitoring.
  • Staff who are free up to focus on core business.
    Dolphin Debit provides a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to meet your ATM needs. All inclusive, and with one point of contact, our program relieves your staff of the day to day burden of your ATM operations.

Dolphin Debit Access — a privately-held company — began with a simple idea: provide a single-source solution to help credit unions and community banks lower the overall costs associated with in-house ATM management. With more than 45 years of combined ATM/EFT experience, our founders set out to reinvent the model by which financial institutions deliver convenient ATM access to their customers. Since 2005, our ATM Outsourcing Services have helped hundreds of financial institutions reduce ATM costs by as much as 20 to 30 percent.

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