Dolphin Debit, the full-service ATM management company, has been named the Exclusive Partner of the Heartland Credit Union Association (HCUA).

Kansas-based HCUA has credit union members of all sizes in Kansas, Missouri, and other regions. The organization’s objective is to unite, strengthen, and advance credit unions and create an environment in which they can thrive.

The partnership has quickly led to a member credit union becoming a Dolphin Debit client, taking advantage of Dolphin’s comprehensive ATM management services. With Dolphin Debit, credit unions eliminate all of the management, maintenance, and compliance burdens associated with operating their own ATM fleet.

“Our credit unions now have access to a service that can save them time, money, and resources when it comes to ATMs,” said Ryan Dold, Vice President of Business Solutions for the Heartland Credit Union Association.

“Our goal is to make sure our credit unions have access to industry leading products at the best possible price. Dolphin Debit meets all of our standards and will be a benefit to our members.”

Gary Walston, co-founder of Dolphin Debit, said the partnership highlights the synergies between the services that Dolphin offers to credit unions and HCUA’s dedication to strengthening them.

“We are serving hundreds of client credit unions nationally, and our status as the Exclusive Partner with the Heartland Credit Union Association will help us gain high visibility in the mid-central region,” said Walston. “We know there are many, many credit unions here that can benefit from our services, and now they can do that with HCUA’s help.”

Dolphin Debit will be showcased at the HCUA Convention and Annual Meeting in Kansas City September 13-15.