President & CEO of Interior Federal Credit Union

“We just got tired of having to deal with ATM servicing and maintenance, and decided we wanted to get out of managing them. Before, we had to deal with first line and second line maintenance, armored car deliveries, everything. Now we just call Dolphin and they deal with it. We are thankful to be out of the ATM business.”

“For the ATMs at our branches, the staff no longer spends time dealing with those issues, and they can devote their time to better serving our members. That has been a huge advantage and it always seemed that our ATM vendors were sending us surprise invoices for things we thought should be covered in our contracts. Now everything is covered with Dolphin and we don’t get any surprises.”

“I have to say that from sales through project management to deployment, it was a great experience for us to work with Dolphin throughout this process. It was refreshing to work with a company that did what it said they would, met our deadlines, and got the ATMs installed when they promised.”