Dolphin Debit, a full-service ATM management company, announced today that it has been selected by the Mississippi Credit Union Association (MSCUA) as a Strategic Service Partner.

Dolphin Debit will work closely with MSCUA to provide cost-effective ATM management solutions and industry expertise to more than 85 credit unions across the state of Mississippi.

What Dolphin Debit brings to credit unions in Mississippi is an easy to implement, cost saving ATM solution that can reduce their ATM operating expenses by up to 30 percent. Credit unions are spared the capital costs involved with ongoing regulatory compliance, and Dolphin handles all hardware and software upgrades, an area of particular expertise for the company. That includes dealing with Windows 7 and EMV deployment issues.

Dolphin Debit also has an exclusive arrangement with Murphy USA fuel stations in the state, making it the only company that can place ATMs in these high-traffic locations adjacent to Walmart stores. These locations offer great convenience for credit union members and other ATM users, as well as excellent branding opportunities for the credit unions.

As part of the outreach to Mississippi credit unions, Dolphin Debit will conduct educational sessions and webinars on an ongoing basis and exhibit at the annual association meeting.

“Collaboration is a core strength of the credit union movement and we are excited about this partnership. Dolphin Debit’s flexible ATM management solutions will help ease our members’ ATM deployment, management and compliance burden,” said Charles Elliott, President/CEO of the Mississippi Credit Union Association.

“What we have found with our credit union clients in 14 states is that they are relieved to find a cost-effective ATM management service that reduces the hassle of ATM operations and eliminates unforeseen costs associated with regulatory and compliance upgrades,” said Ben Allen, president of Dolphin Debit.

“That is the biggest benefit of our alliance with the association, the ability to reach out to credit unions all over Mississippi and allow them to see the benefits of turning management of their ATMs over to Dolphin Debit.”