Moody Bank of Galveston, Texas, has turned over management of all of its non-branch ATMs to Dolphin Debit, the full-service ATM management company.

Moody Bank, with $1.2 billion in assets, serves six counties in southeast and central Texas. The bank recently found itself in a bind when its non-branch ATMs were too old for the mandated upgrade to Windows 10. After checking with several outsourced management providers, the bank chose Dolphin Debit to replace and manage operations for those machines.

Owen Cheney, chief information officer and executive vice president for Moody Bank, emphasized that hardware maintenance and frequent upgrades for the off-branch ATMs were big issues.

“The machines at those locations really needed to be completely replaced for Windows 10,” Cheney said. “We either had to deal with the capital investment ourselves or outsource. When we did, Dolphin Debit replaced all the existing machines, and we added one more.”

Moody Bank had recently invested in new ATMs at its 15 branches, where staff can easily service the machines, but it was the offsite machines that were most in need of outside management, Cheney explained.

The bank has offsite machines at high traffic locations such as the lobby of a major resort hotel in the popular Gulf Coast city of Galveston, for instance, as well as at a large office building and a golf course. Cheney emphasized that ATMs are important to Moody Bank not only for a presence in the community and for marketing, but also for customers’ access to cash in the event of hurricanes, which are an ever-present threat in the Galveston area.

“We love working with Dolphin for the offsite ATMs,” Cheney said. “They take a lot of the headaches away by handling the hardware and the cash replacement.”

“Outsourcing ATM management is really all about making operations easier and more efficient for banks,” said Gary Walston, CEO of Dolphin Debit. “Moody Bank is similar to our many other clients, who want to focus more on running their banks than on running their ATMs.”