Piedmont Advantage Credit Union in North Carolina has partnered with Dolphin Debit, the full-service ATM management company, to manage its fleet of ATMs.

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, Piedmont Advantage was founded in 1949 within the airline industry and serves members in its North Carolina service regions and employees of its many employer companies. The credit union has assets of about $390 million and more than 39,000 members.

The credit union has a dozen ATMs, which are deployed at most of its branches as well as other high traffic locations. When it turned over the management of its machines to Dolphin Debit, it got all-new ATMs installed at its many service locations.

Piedmont Advantage had been thinking about outsourcing for some time before committing to Dolphin Debit, explained Sandy Milton, Vice President of Service Strategy for the credit union.

“We started talking with Dolphin Debit a couple of years ago,” Milton said, “and the more we learned about outsourcing and Dolphin Debit’s expertise, the more we became impressed with Dolphin’s ATM network services.”

She noted that Piedmont Advantage did consider a couple of other companies before deciding to partner with Dolphin Debit.

“Dolphin Debit’s outsourcing services allowed us to start the process of installing smart ATM technology, reducing transactional activities in the branches. Our branch teammates can now use their time with members to problem-solve and assist with managing finances.”

Milton added that ATMs are and will continue to be an important aspect of Piedmont Advantage’s service strategy. That includes more deposit ATMs and – likely starting next year – a migration to ITMs, interactive teller machines.

“For some credit unions, it just takes a while to build to that tipping point when ATM management gets too burdensome,” said Gary Walston, CEO of Dolphin Debit. “That’s when they really recognize that partnering with us will provide the relief that they are looking for.”