Vice President of Fraud and ATM Services, Dade County Federal Credit Union

“Whenever we have an ATM issue, they’re out sooner than we could even pick up the phone and call them. They already know and they’re ready to dispatch a technician. We have been more than satisfied with their support.”

“They have always met deadlines, and often been ahead of the game. They may promise three months, but then are able to turn around a project in 60 or 65 days. That has been a huge benefit for us, being able to tell our SEG groups that we’re getting that ATM in there sooner than they expected.”

“It can be time-consuming for the staff to have to deal with all of the concerns of an ATM fleet. The way I see it, we can continue to grow our fleet with Dolphin Debit and maintain the staff that we have because it doesn’t draw on their day to day operations as it would if we had to manage all of these in-house.”