Highlights from the press release on Sept. 20, 2023:

The migration of ATM network and cash deposit machines will begin after the end of the pilot and will last until September next year. Ultimately, approximately 1,100 ATMs will be transferred to Euronet (Dolphin Debit’s parent company).

“We want to provide the highest quality in all our services and in every place where a customer contacts us. We have decided to start strategic cooperation with our partners, thanks to which we will be able to provide our customers with reliable, technologically advanced, more convenient ATMs and cash deposit machines, operated by experienced professionals even faster and more efficiently.”- says Magdalena Proga-Stępień, Member of the Management Board at Santander Bank Polska.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service to both the bank and its clients. Thanks to the high specialization and scale of the network, we are able to reduce the bank’s service costs while guaranteeing quality – said Marek Szafirski, Managing Director for FIs at Euronet EFT.

The agreements also assume the gradual modernization of the network. ATMs located at bank branches will be replaced with recyclers, i.e. devices that enable deposits and withdrawals.

After migration, the Santander Bank Polska ATM network will be available to customers of other banks on the same conditions as other Euronet devices.

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