Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union has turned over complete management of its ATM fleet to Dolphin Debit, the full-service ATM management company, in a multi-year agreement that saves the credit union money and relieves it of the burden of ongoing regulatory compliance.

The $95 million credit union, based in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, sold its ATMs to Dolphin, which is upgrading the machines to ensure full compliance with Windows 7 and EMV chip technology requirements. Dolphin is also providing ongoing turnkey management and service for the ATMs.

Carolina Foothills FCU has a total of nine ATMs, located at each of five branches and at four off-premise sites, located in high-traffic areas such as manufacturing plants, a post office, and a hospital.

Dolphin Debit and Carolina Foothills FCU began working together in 2012, with management of a single ATM, and the success of that engagement led to the expanded relationship.

“When we had to change three ATMs due to ADA requirements, we decided that was a good time to make the change to Dolphin Debit,” said Scott Weaver, President of Carolina Foothills FCU.

“Dolphin takes care of all the updating and keeping up with compliance issues, and that was a key factor for us. We looked into other organizations, but all they do is buy ATMs and lease them back to you, so you still have all the obligations. Dolphin takes on complete ownership.”

Weaver said that when the credit union owned its ATMs, the income from them wasn’t enough to offset all the expenses. Now, with Dolphin Debit owning them, Carolina Foothills FCU is enjoying “significant” savings, as well as improved maintenance, increased uptime, and the freedom from update and compliance responsibilities.

“We have found Dolphin to be honest and to stand by their word. When there are issues, they are quick to correct them. We may soon be adding more ATMs due to our growth, and we would definitely do that with Dolphin,” Weaver said.

“Like so many credit unions, what Carolina Foothills needed was a partner that could provide better ATM management and improved member service, and that is where we specialize,” said Ben Allen, President of Dolphin Debit. “For a credit union, relief from ATM responsibilities means it can devote more resources to what matters most, serving members.”

Carolina Foothills FCU, with some 14,000 active members, was founded in 1960 and serves U.S. Postal Service employees, government agency employees, and residents of three underserved areas.