Kenita Dougharty

CEO/Sabine FCU

“I want to say how professional and nice everyone involved with the new ATM installation was.  Jenn did a super job of staying on top of communicating, and the installers were very efficient and courteous”.

Paul Armstrong

 General Manager, Statewide FCU

“Since we put in the new ATMs, all we do is put money in them and all is right with the world, Dolphin Debit takes care of the operation.  The machines are modern, light years ahead of what we had, and we haven’t had any complaints from members or employees.  The bottom line was that owning and running ATMs, was not a business we wanted to be in anymore.”

Tom Rogers

 President/CEO, Memorial Credit Union

“Dolphin Debit has been a great strategic partner.  With their ATM management program, we are now more efficient operationally.”

Rick Myers

CFO, EFCU Financial

“The way we are structured, we did not have an ATM expert on staff, all of our ATMs were older, so there were ongoing maintenance issues too. Without the expertise, I felt we were always trying to tinker with them. Having Dolphin Debit take them over for us was a really attractive option.”

Katie Nelson

CEO/Manager, Mississippi Postal Federal Credit Union

“Now that the credit union has swapped out the old ATMs for new ones from Dolphin, It’s a very easy process. All I have to do is provide the money. I don’t have to worry if that ATM at the post office is up or down. It’s out of sight and out of mind. Also, because we cover the entire state of Mississippi, I like the fact that my members get access to the CU24 network and to other Dolphin machines outside of the Jackson area.”

Jeff Gerard

Senior Vice President/COO, Keesler FCU

“Our members love the Murphy ATMs, these machines consistently show heavy usage by our members, as well as from members of other credit unions, since they are part of the CU24 network.”

Charles Elliott

 President/CEO, Mississippi Credit Union Association

“Collaboration is a core strength of the credit union movement and we are excited about this partnership. Dolphin Debit’s flexible ATM management solutions will help ease our members’ ATM deployment, management and compliance burden.”

David Frazier

President/CEO, Community Resource Credit Union

“We had worked with Dolphin Debit for several years and had always found them to be easy to work with and delivered on their promises. Now that they handle all of our ATMs, I wish that was a decision we had made years ago. It was the smoothest conversion I’ve experienced as a CEO.”

David Skilton

SVP/COO, Altier Credit Union

“I went in search of a company that would manage these ATMs for us.  When I checked Dolphin Debit, I stopped looking.  Their program was right in line with what I was looking for, Altier Credit Union has turned over management of eight offsite ATMs to Dolphin Debit, a move that has quickly paid off.”

Tom Moreno Jr.

CTP/Executive Vice President, The Bank of San Antonio

“Our partnership with Dolphin Debit has allowed The Bank of San Antonio to deploy a turnkey, full service ATM solution, allowing the bank to focus on our key strategic initiatives and business plan. Our service requirements are extremely high and Dolphin Debit has continually met and exceeded our expectations.”

Janna Bentley

CEO, CABOT NOI Credit Union

“A big reason an ATM is important for our members is that we are not open on Saturday, it gives people more access to their funds. Also, with a lot of oilfield workers around, people work different shifts and need access 24/7.  The credit union lacked the resources to buy and operate its own ATM, and found that it could work with Dolphin for about half of what we had been quoted anywhere else.”

Denise Ashley

 CEO, Abbeville Community FCU

“Most companies want to sell you an ATM, and we couldn’t afford it. Dolphin has gone above and beyond in working with us, and it has paid off. We have already had some people follow through on their promise to bring us their business, with several new accounts opened.”

Scott Weaver

President, Carolina Foothills FCU

“We have found Dolphin to be honest and to stand by their word. When there are issues, they are quick to correct them. We may soon be adding more ATMs due to our growth, and we would definitely do that with Dolphin.”

Kurtis Acosta

AVP of Virtual Banking, Commercial Bank of Texas

“Dolphin has enabled us to expand into areas of North Texas that we couldn’t have done on our own; with their relationships, they have been able to give us valuable insight into that market.”

Willey Kelsey

COO, Texas Trust Credit Union

“As we look at the cost structure of our ATMs, we’re finding Dolphin can do it more inexpensively, reducing our costs and off loading the servicing, compliance and other issues.  We simply couldn’t manage these machines internally for what Dolphin Debit is charging us.  We definitely plan to further outsource our off-premise ATMs through Dolphin.”