Jeff Merry

President/CEO – VolCorp

“An outsourced ATM management solution like Dolphin Debit is the perfect way to help credit unions of any size reduce capital costs, control operating expenses, and relieve the burden of regulatory compliance.”

Cameron Smith

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Resources – NWCUA

“The Northwest Credit Union Association and Strategic Link is a trusted resource for securing the business solutions our credit unions need to better serve their members. ATM/ITM management and operations are top of mind for our members. By providing them with a quality solution and partner, we save them time, money, and other resources.”

James Goodstein

Vice President and Product Manager, Digital Banking – OceanFirst Bank

“It is a good feeling to know it is now much easier to implement a new ATM engagement with a client who would like to add an OceanFirst Bank ATM”

“Security was very important to us, (dolphin) showed us they have a well-established IT organization, otherwise we wouldn’t have selected them.”

Patrick Redo

Chief Operating Officer – allU.S. Credit Union

“We used to experience about 10 ATM incidents per month. Since we moved to Dolphin, we don’t see any.”

“We wanted better service, and we feel like now it’s ‘mission accomplished.'”

Heather Rodgers

Chief Operating Officer – Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union

“It was definitely all about service,” .. “Repair times are critical to get a machine up as soon as possible. Now, if a machine goes down Dolphin informs us before we even realize it, and has technicians on the way.”

“Dolphin Debit was the one company recommended by everyone I reached out to.”

James Stock

Chief Technology Officer – USF Federal Credit Union

“The cost and complexities of keeping up with the ATM operating systems and patches were just too time consuming. Prior to Dolphin Debit we had three or four people consistently dealing with cash order, disputes, and keeping ATMs up and running. We have probably saved at least two full-time positions by outsourcing, and employees can do other thing instead now. We gained our productivity back.”

“Dolphin Debit just had the best overall options for us, and had great references. They could do everything we were looking to do.”

Christina Schmitt

Vice President of Operations – Envista Credit Union

Our biggest challenges were compliance and upgrades, specifically the cost and time associated with them. Prior to partnering with Dolphin Debit, our ATM fleet was outdated, and we were looking at replacing most of our ATMs. The time needed to navigate and manage a project like that was going to be a big challenge for us.“

“We recognized we needed a change. Member service is one of our top priorities, and we knew that if we were going to be able to focus on that and other strategic goals, we needed to find a solution for our ATMs. Now we don’t have to worry about upgrades or compliance, and we know our costs since there aren’t any hidden fees or extra charges.”

Brian Shostek

Chief Financial Officer – NextMark Credit Union

“Dolphin’s excellent reputation in the industry was very compelling. It made sense to allow them to focus on the ATMs and for us to focus on the member experience”

“As we grow and expand our footprint into the counties we serve, we anticipate deploying additional ATMs, and as consumers transition to a more digital banking experience, ATMs serve as a vital resource, especially from an efficiency standpoint.”

Brian Kett

President of GRG International

“With Dolphin, this agreement gives our distributors another sales option for financial institutions that aren’t interested in making major capital investments in equipment.”

“ATM outsourcing will allow our channel partner clients to focus on growing their operations instead of worrying about compliance and operational costs associated with managing an ATM network.”

Sandy Milton

Vice President of Service Strategy for Piedmont Advantage Credit Union

“We started talking with Dolphin Debit a couple of years ago, and the more we learned about outsourcing and Dolphin Debit’s expertise, the more we became impressed with Dolphin’s ATM network services.”

“Dolphin Debit’s outsourcing services allowed us to start the process of installing smart ATM technology, reducing transactional activities in the branches. Our branch teammates can now use their time with members to problem-solve and assist with managing finances.”

Ron McLean

President & CEO of Cooperative Credit Union Association

“We are pleased to welcome Dolphin Debit into our CU Connect Program. During these difficult days an outsourced ATM management solutions like Dolphin Debit is the perfect way to help credit unions of any size reduce capital costs, control operating expenses, and relieve the burden of regulatory compliance.”

Mike Merryman

President & CEO of Interior Federal Credit Union

“We just got tired of having to deal with ATM servicing and maintenance, and decided we wanted to get out of managing them. Before, we had to deal with first line and second line maintenance, armored car deliveries, everything. Now we just call Dolphin and they deal with it. We are thankful to be out of the ATM business.”

“For the ATMs at our branches, the staff no longer spends time dealing with those issues, and they can devote their time to better serving our members. That has been a huge advantage and it always seemed that our ATM vendors were sending us surprise invoices for things we thought should be covered in our contracts. Now everything is covered with Dolphin and we don’t get any surprises.”

“I have to say that from sales through project management to deployment, it was a great experience for us to work with Dolphin throughout this process. It was refreshing to work with a company that did what it said they would, met our deadlines, and got the ATMs installed when they promised.”

Jenifer Waller

President of Colorado Bankers Association

“We see great value in Dolphin Debit and have witnessed, first-hand their excellent approach to client service. We are pleased to welcome them to the association, expanding the breadth of top-notch solutions we endorse for Colorado banks.”

Dan Collins

Chief Solutions Officer of Nebraska Credit Union League

“We look for and vet quality service partners on behalf of our credit union members. Based on what we have learned about Dolphin Debit and the robust endorsements they have received from other associations, we gladly welcome them as a service partner.”

Shamus McConomy

Chief Operations Officer of CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union

“We were at a point where we were going to have to replace the fleet because they required upgrades. Our machines were pretty dated. Dolphin provided a way for us to do that cost-effectively.”

“We were managing it in-house, but we were attracted to outsourcing because it is more turnkey, so we can take some administrative items off our plates, especially when it comes to maintenance. We were also looking for cost savings.”

“The team at Dolphin is really good to work with. They are responsive, and came across a a good partner for us. They have followed through on that.”

James Merrill

President and CEO of Inspire Federal Credit Union

“Our decision was mainly driven by a cost analysis and the ongoing investment in maintenance and compliance. It was an easy decision for us, as it was clearly more cost-effective.”

Daniel J. Machon Jr.

President and CEO of Benchmark Federal Credit Union

“It was less expensive to outsource, and for us our ATMs were approaching their end of life. To remain compliant, we would have had to purchase new machines. We chose Dolphin Debit because of their pricing and their service commitment. And the references I spoke to gave them high marks.”

Kathryn Richard

Professional Development Trainer at Bank of Zachary

“Marketing screens are offered through our other ATM provider, but at a hefty cost. Dolphin Debit offers up to six screens that rotate on the ATM free of charge. But ultimately, Bank of Zachary’s decision to switch to Dolphin Debit came down to what was best for our customers – a large network of ATMs to utilize.”

Owen Cheney

Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Moody Bank

“The machines at those locations really needed to be completely replaced for Windows 10. We either had to deal with the capital investment ourselves or outsource. When we did, Dolphin Debit replaced all the existing machines, and we added one more. We love working with Dolphin for the offsite ATMs. They take a lot of the headaches away by handling the hardware and the cash replacement.”

Scott Earl

President and CEO of Mountain West Credit Union Association

“We are pleased to bring to our credit unions an outsourced ATM management solution like Dolphin Debit. During these difficult times, it’s the perfect way for credit unions to eliminate the challenge of ever-changing compliance requirements, the management pains of multiple vendors, and the capital costs involved with upgrades and new ATMs. Even better, the ATM outsourcing solution works for every credit union, regardless of size.”

David Griffiths

Chief Revenue Officer, Tennessee Credit Union League

“We look for good partners who can serve our credit unions the way we want them served, and the way we serve them. We have a number of credit unions in need of an ATM management solution, and it was important to us to find a partner that could assist them.”

Danny Burton

Senior Vice President and CIO, Sage Capital Bank

“We had an aging fleet of ATMs and all of them needed Windows 10 upgrades. We did explore other vendors, but with Dolphin Debit’s pricing and contract terms, and our familiarity with their services, it was an easy decision to move the rest of our fleet to them.”

Trent Wright

President and CEO, Idaho Bankers Association

“Dolphin Debit is known for outstanding service and operation of ATMs for hundreds of financial institutions across the country. The IBA is proud to have Dolphin Debit on board as an Associate Member.”

Denise Bailey

Manager, United Northwest Federal Credit Union

“We aren’t open on Saturdays, and we close at 4 p.m., so the ATM is getting used a lot. Members are very happy they have more access to their cash.”

Stacy Montgomery

Assistant Manager, Kansas Blue Cross/Blue Shield Credit Union

“We decided it was time to let someone else take on the task of maintaining compliance and accessibility. The reliability and up-time of the new machine has been great. We can also do signage on the machine, which we couldn’t do with our previous ATM.”

Carrie West

President, Raytown-Lee’s Summit Credit Union

“Now all we have to do is load the money. We have newer machines, fewer headaches, and full service for members 24-7.”

Robert Plasencia

Vice President of Fraud and ATM Services, Dade County Federal Credit Union

“Whenever we have an ATM issue, they’re out sooner than we could even pick up the phone and call them. They already know and they’re ready to dispatch a technician. We have been more than satisfied with their support.”

“They have always met deadlines, and often been ahead of the game. They may promise three months, but then are able to turn around a project in 60 or 65 days. That has been a huge benefit for us, being able to tell our SEG groups that we’re getting that ATM in there sooner than they expected.”

“It can be time-consuming for the staff to have to deal with all of the concerns of an ATM fleet. The way I see it, we can continue to grow our fleet with Dolphin Debit and maintain the staff that we have because it doesn’t draw on their day to day operations as it would if we had to manage all of these in-house.”

George Joseph

CEO, Dade County Federal Credit Union

“Compared with our downtime in the past, there is a significant difference with Dolphin. That is our foremost advantage. When a machine is down, especially during the day, it can cause a lot of frustration for members.”

“ATMs have been and always will be a strategic part of our plans for growth. There will always be a segment of the membership that prefers cash. And ATMs play a signifi-cant role in how we approach our SEG groups. We make a commitment to those groups that our ATMs will perform at a certain level, and Dolphin makes sure we meet those commitments.”

Kim Saia

Project Manager, Pelican State Credit Union

“Having a good vendor relationship is important to us, in addition to factors such as reduced downtime. It has been unbelievably easy to work with Dolphin. They are responsive and follow up with us very well.”

Michael Shafer

CEO, Pathways Financial Credit Union

“Dolphin Debit has a lot of experience in managing outsourced ATMs. We were impressed with their ability to service ATMs throughout Ohio and nationwide. We felt that their outsourced ATM program fit well with our goals and objectives, and their competitive pricing and revenue sharing program made it an easy decision for us to partner with them.”

Heather DeMint

Vice President of Operations, United Credit Union

“The customer service we have received so far has been top-notch”

Stevan Dragoljevic

Information Technology Manager, AdventHealth Credit Union

“Now the ATMs are off our hands, and we have more time to devote to other products. In addition, member service has improved. We wanted to make sure we were making the right decision for the credit union, but there’s no doubt now it was a good decision, because Dolphin is doing a great job. Uptime is above 98 percent and they’re very responsive.”

Michael Tucker

IT Manager, Skyward Credit Union

“It was going to be almost as much to update the ATMs as it would have been to buy new ones. At that point, we decided to look at third party management and get rid of the headache. We decided to let someone else worry about compliance.”

Bill Hawkins

President and CEO, Healthcare Systems FCU

“The Dolphin folks seem to have our best interests at heart. Just like we credit unions know our members as more than their account numbers, Dolphin Debit treats us that way.”

Jeannie Hunt

CEO, Mountain Empire Federal Credit Union

“The ATM Kiosk Wrap is beautiful! The colors on the logo are perfect. Everyone that we have worked with at Dolphin Debit have been very helpful and nice. The installers were great! We had a few glitches with the electricity and alarm, but they were understanding and assisted where they could. The software and reports for balancing are very easy to work with. I can check the ATM move off my list of things to do (which grows daily). I’m so glad we met you at the Virginia Credit Union League Annual Meeting and am happy we partnered with Dolphin Debit.”

Dan Berry

CEO, Duke Credit Union

“We became frustrated with how often you have to update a machine. It’s always something, from ADA to Windows to EMV. It seemed like every time you turned around there was another upgrade. We can let Dolphin Debit handle those upgrades while we concentrate on the member experience. We’re pleased. You can’t have a better compliment than that.”

John Schaefer

Vice President of Member Service and Marketing, Pasadena Federal Credit Union

“Because credit unions provide great service to our members, we tend to expect it from our vendors. Dolphin Debit is all about that. They have the right approach and right mentality, and that was important to us.”

Robert Plasencia

Vice President of Compliance and Fraud, Dade County FCU

“The cost associated with rolling out these ATMs was what led me to Dolphin Debit. We decided to go with Dolphin due to the full managed service they provide and their pricing. I have been very impressed with the rollout of the machines. Once we decide on a new location, the turnaround time is very good, and the terminals themselves are extremely reliable. The Dolphin Debit service has been exceptional.”

Gary Angeles

President and CEO, Chocolate Bayou FCU

“We have had fewer complaints about ATMs being down. We’re happy with the simplicity of this, and we have peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled for us and we don’t have to worry about upgrades and compliance.”

Michael Waylett

CEO, Magnolia FCU

“Dolphin Debit has performed as advertised. They are available 24 by 7 and anytime something isn’t working as it should, they are very responsive and they take the initiative to get the problem solved.”

Ashley Carner

Chief Operations Officer, AMOCO Federal Credit Union

“We couldn’t be happier now. I know someone else is always watching my ATMs. Dolphin Debit proactively reaches out to us, alerting us to any possible ATM problem before our members tell us. We’ve never had a partner do that for us, and it really improves the member experience.”

Nancy Henry

Member Service Manager, Arkansas Best FCU

“Our goal was to give our members better access and to free up my staff and me from having to deal with machine downtimes, constant updates, and government regulations. I got rid of the headaches as far as I was concerned.”

Vicki Squires

President, Harris County FCU

“We were having a lot of service issues, and we were looking for a less costly option. With Dolphin Debit, we are saving money, and they have been refreshingly easy to work with. We were having to pay way too much attention to our ATMs previously. Now things take care of themselves, which is what we wanted.”

Joan Moran

CEO, Department of Labor CU

“Now we can concentrate on our members and not ATM issues.”

Mary Jordan

Operations Support Manager, ASI FCU

“We moved to outsourcing to make sure we were ADA compliant. It was easier to outsource than to deal with purchasing all the ATMs ourselves.”

Channon Hamilton

Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Employees Credit Union

“It was just a good time for us to make a change. We had been having more problems than we expected with our ATMs, and we were planning to add an ATM across the state in Memphis to serve members there. What I saw with the ATM Cinch program was exactly what we needed.”

Kenita Dougharty

CEO/Sabine FCU

“I want to say how professional and nice everyone involved with the new ATM installation was.  Jenn did a super job of staying on top of communicating, and the installers were very efficient and courteous”.

Paul Armstrong

 General Manager, Statewide FCU

“Since we put in the new ATMs, all we do is put money in them and all is right with the world, Dolphin Debit takes care of the operation.  The machines are modern, light years ahead of what we had, and we haven’t had any complaints from members or employees.  The bottom line was that owning and running ATMs, was not a business we wanted to be in anymore.”

Tom Rogers

 President/CEO, Memorial Credit Union

“Dolphin Debit has been a great strategic partner.  With their ATM management program, we are now more efficient operationally.”

Rick Myers

CFO, EFCU Financial

“The way we are structured, we did not have an ATM expert on staff, all of our ATMs were older, so there were ongoing maintenance issues too. Without the expertise, I felt we were always trying to tinker with them. Having Dolphin Debit take them over for us was a really attractive option.”

Katie Nelson

CEO/Manager, Mississippi Postal Federal Credit Union

“Now that the credit union has swapped out the old ATMs for new ones from Dolphin, It’s a very easy process. All I have to do is provide the money. I don’t have to worry if that ATM at the post office is up or down. It’s out of sight and out of mind. Also, because we cover the entire state of Mississippi, I like the fact that my members get access to the CU24 network and to other Dolphin machines outside of the Jackson area.”

Jeff Gerard

Senior Vice President/COO, Keesler FCU

“Our members love the Murphy ATMs, these machines consistently show heavy usage by our members, as well as from members of other credit unions, since they are part of the CU24 network.”

Charles Elliott

 President/CEO, Mississippi Credit Union Association

“Collaboration is a core strength of the credit union movement and we are excited about this partnership. Dolphin Debit’s flexible ATM management solutions will help ease our members’ ATM deployment, management and compliance burden.”

David Frazier

President/CEO, Community Resource Credit Union

“We had worked with Dolphin Debit for several years and had always found them to be easy to work with and delivered on their promises. Now that they handle all of our ATMs, I wish that was a decision we had made years ago. It was the smoothest conversion I’ve experienced as a CEO.”

David Skilton

SVP/COO, Altier Credit Union

“I went in search of a company that would manage these ATMs for us.  When I checked Dolphin Debit, I stopped looking.  Their program was right in line with what I was looking for, Altier Credit Union has turned over management of eight offsite ATMs to Dolphin Debit, a move that has quickly paid off.”

Tom Moreno Jr.

CTP/Executive Vice President, The Bank of San Antonio

“Our partnership with Dolphin Debit has allowed The Bank of San Antonio to deploy a turnkey, full service ATM solution, allowing the bank to focus on our key strategic initiatives and business plan. Our service requirements are extremely high and Dolphin Debit has continually met and exceeded our expectations.”

Janna Bentley

CEO, CABOT NOI Credit Union

“A big reason an ATM is important for our members is that we are not open on Saturday, it gives people more access to their funds. Also, with a lot of oilfield workers around, people work different shifts and need access 24/7.  The credit union lacked the resources to buy and operate its own ATM, and found that it could work with Dolphin for about half of what we had been quoted anywhere else.”

Denise Ashley

 CEO, Abbeville Community FCU

“Most companies want to sell you an ATM, and we couldn’t afford it. Dolphin has gone above and beyond in working with us, and it has paid off. We have already had some people follow through on their promise to bring us their business, with several new accounts opened.”

Scott Weaver

President, Carolina Foothills FCU

“We have found Dolphin to be honest and to stand by their word. When there are issues, they are quick to correct them. We may soon be adding more ATMs due to our growth, and we would definitely do that with Dolphin.”

Kurtis Acosta

AVP of Virtual Banking, Commercial Bank of Texas

“Dolphin has enabled us to expand into areas of North Texas that we couldn’t have done on our own; with their relationships, they have been able to give us valuable insight into that market.”

Willey Kelsey

COO, Texas Trust Credit Union

“As we look at the cost structure of our ATMs, we’re finding Dolphin can do it more inexpensively, reducing our costs and off loading the servicing, compliance and other issues.  We simply couldn’t manage these machines internally for what Dolphin Debit is charging us.  We definitely plan to further outsource our off-premise ATMs through Dolphin.”